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A hose is a flexible longitudinal hollow body. Gaseous and liquid substances are transported with RIEGLER hoses. For example, they are always used to transport media if the place of departure and/or arrival are movable, if they are at points difficult to access or if the use of pipes would be too heavy or too expensive. Our product range includes spiral hoses, PA / PUR / PE hoses, PVC hoses with and without fibre, soft PVC hoses, fibre reinforced PUR hoses and PTFE hoses. Furthermore we offer anti-static hoses, spark erosion protected PU hoses, compressed air hoses, autogenous hoses, suction and pressure hoses and hoses especially for use with water. The assortment is rounded out by hose rupture valves, hose winders and cable winders, hose terminal blocks, hose cutters and hose holders. For every intended use we have the right material and the matching hose size.