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EDI refers to electronic data interchange in relation to business processes/documents between customers and supplier systems without any manual intervention needed at all.. A series of international standards has been developed to facilitate communication between different IT systems, with common formats including, for example, UN/EDIFACT and various XML formats.



Electronic data interchange between companies saves workflow costs:

  • Automated transfer of documents
  • No duplication
  • Faster business processes
  • Minimized error quotas
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Paper documents obsolete
  • Simplified communication


(United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport)
EDIFACT provides a solution that sets out the handling of various business processes such as orders, invoices, delivery notes and much more besides. This format is considered an international standard and can be applied for the exchange of Information across different countries and industries. EDIFACT permits flexible use of data elements and thus differs from a rigid norm.


OpenTrans refers to an XML-based standard for support of electronic data interchange. OpenTrans makes a manageable number of documents available, auch as the order, the dispatch notofication and the quote. They consist of set structures and thus simplify workflow and processing. This data format is used primarily within Germany.

ASCII is not strictly speaking an EDI format. RIEGLER ASCII files represent a simple format for orders that can be exported from your system and sent to us via email. These files have a very simple structure and can be sent to us as .txt /.csv / .xls / .asc formats. We will be happy to send you precise guidelines and instructions.


In order to be able to use EDI, the sysem requires a so-called EDI converter or the use of EDI clearing providers. Furthermore, your ERP system needs to support and to be able to process the format in use.



OCI refers to an interface for exchange of catalogue data between different systems. It is thus possible, for example, for your ERP system to access our online shop directly, so you fill your shopping basket as usual and then incorporate the entire shopping basket into your ERP system.


To use this service, you will need an OCI-compatible ERP system. OCI is a standard developed by SAP and is generally used only by SAP ERP systems.


You receive our item data in various different data formats. Do you requiere a special format? Then talk to us.

The BMEcat format is based on the XML technology. It offers standardized exchange of catalogue data and simplifies the upkeep of item-related data. The label BMEcat comes from "Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V." (BME, the German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics) coupled with the word "catalogue". Product data are arranged in a BMEcat in various categories such as identifications, classifications (e.g. eCl@ss and UNSPSC), additional information and much more. This exchange format is widespread primarily in German-speaking countries.

CSV (comma-separated values) is a text format used for the exchange of structured data. These are frequently used for exchange of product data, for example for online shops

Table calculation format of Microsoft Excel, which can be used for simple processing of tables.



Incorporate our catalogue into yor website. This way, you and your customers will get access to the comprehensive RIEGLER product range from anywhere.
Are you hoping for a bit more interaction on your website? We will be happy to proide you with the browsing catalogue accompanying the current main catalogue with neutral binding. You get the browsing catalogue as a preconfigured ZIP file. Upload its contents to your own web server and incorporate it directly into your website.


We offer our customers an indeoendent shop system with multiple beneficial funktions.
The scope of the funkctions ranges from availability notifications in real time to adjustability of individual discounts and the statistics function, through to rapid item acquisition and item search with selected competitor item numbers.
Get in touch with us - we´ll be happy to help you.


In the RIEGLER online shop, you get access to the entire product range to be found in the RIEGLER main catalogue. At the same time, the shop offers not only detailed product information, datasheets, technical drawings, etc., but also a real-time stock check and quote request. That means you always see the current stock level and your individual purchase price.

To make procurement easier for you, we habe implemented rapid item acquisition in our online shop. The rapid acquisition offers you the option of inputting the item number and the required quantity directly and thus adding the goods you require to your shopping basket more quickly. You can also import the item via an Excel file.

Further assistance is available with our comparison list. Here, we compare items for you and outline the various functions of the item. It´s also possible to compare discontinued items and their follow-up products at the touch of a button.

Manage the users of the online shop yourself: Log users independently, delete them, or allocate budgets to them.

The online shop offers you the option of allocating your own item numbers too. You can log these independently once they have been approved. Alternatively, you can send us a list and we log the item numbers for you.

To support you in your project business, you have the option of saving both reminder lists and shopping baskets and giving these individual names. That way, you always maintain an overview of your items.


Do you already have a RIEGLER store shelf and/or do you wish to improve your order processing for the long term?
The RIEGLER scan system supports you in your order process.

You scan the item barcodes and the scanner stores the necessary information. After completing the scanning process, connect the scanner to your computer via USB. Insert the saved file using drag and drop into the rapid aquisition function of our online shop and order the goods directly this way.


We simplify your delivery process and send your order directly to your customer on your behalf.

With our "personalized delivery note" service, we offer you the option of including your personalized delivery note with the consignment where the delivery address is different.

You can design the header and footer of the delivery note individually.

Please request our datasheet on this.

After we have received the correctly arranged data from you and logged this in your customer base, each consignment destined for a different delivery address will be sent with your individual delivery note.